Rebuilding is an interesting idea because we all look for ways to make ourselves look and feel better. We are rebuilding either emotionally or physically. Now I know there are other ways to rebuild ourselves but let's look at the two I just talked about. How do we rebuild emotionally? Well for some people it's by packing everything you own and moving to another place to start over. Or by going on a retreat. And the last idea is by reading a book on personal growth. How do we rebuild physically? We do that by going to the gym and eating healthy foods. I like to rebuild by either taking a nap or meditation. Now here is the big question; Is it important to rebuild ourselves? Yes and No. Yes, because it's important for our minds so we don't get tired quickly and No because some people don't see the need to change. Is rebuilding oursleves changing the world? Maybe, but that depends on the person or not. I like to think rebuilding as a revolution. Each one of us is taking that stand and saying enough is enough. We as humans have to rebuild ourselves in order to save wildlife and Earth. Do I believe that we can save Earth? Yes, but we have to rebuild our way of thinking. Can we save the wildlife? Yes, but we have to be willing to look at the problem.

So, my readers here is your challenge. For three months you have to recycle, watch your water usage, and sign petitions that deal with real world issues.

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