Pets are a wonderful thing. They make things good in life. I have a cat and he is very nice and he watches tv with me and my family. He also reads with me and my grandmother when we get back from the library. This morning my fiances dog passed away. She was 16 years old and had a very good life with him and his family. She was part of the family. I know my cat is part of the family because he will it in the living room and look at the tv and watch it with us or he will sleep in the living room while we are watching tv. And he will eat when we eat. So yes, I think pets are like family. People treat their dogs like babies and the same goes for other pets. So it's hard when that family member passes away because they are family. I wish people wouldn't treat their pets badly. I hate the fact that dogs are used in dog fights. We have to love our pets like we love people in our family. So readers have a good week and stay cool.

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