Peace is a word that alllows us to talk about it and look for it in life. Each one of us is looking to have it and we have to have it now. We search for it each and every day but we some how always seem to miss out on it. We read about how to make it part of our lives and yet we fail to put it into practice. Now I'm not saying that we shove it onto other people but wouldn't it be nice if we all use it just to make the earth a little bit better? I think we have to try it out on ourselves before we can show people that it is possible to make a difference in the world. I know we "talk the talk" but can we "walk the walk?" I'm sure we can but we have to work together to make that happen. And that is the whole point is to wor\k together as a team. But at the rate we are going there is not going to be a team. I guess I just hope for a world where the next generation doesn't have to fix what we broke. So let's give this next generation something to look forward to and show them that peace can happen if we work together as a team. I know this is asking for a lot but it can happen if we let it happen. So my readers what do you think about showing peace to the world?

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  1. lucillejdarnell

    Peace is the most powerful thing in this world.If we do practice to have peace in our as well in other lives it will made our life beautiful.All we are in search of peace it is true and essaycenter essay writing for only peace awareness purpose.

    September 20, 2016