Never Ending

It seems like this pain is never ending to me. These past few months my grandfather has been in and out of the hospital because he won't eat and he fell. I want him to get better but it just feels like he doesn't want to get better. I hate the fact that he has dementa which is Alzheimer's disease. When will this disease end? I don't think that we will find a cure for it. I know this sounds bad but, it's true. We put more money into things that don't matter then we do into research. This pain is never ending to my mom and grandmother as well. It's just the three of us tying to take care of him. Do we have other family members to help? Yes, but they have their lives too. But, it would be nice if they did help us out once in a while. But, I guess that is to much to ask for. My finace gets it, and he helps out as much as  he can without getting tired of helping us with my grandmother's house. I just wish that my both of my aunts' could stop tellingus what to do and just help us with take care of him. 


Well, my readers I hope you have a good day. 

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