Good morining readers. Have you ever listened to music and just felt free? I know I have sometimes. Well, last night I felt free. I went to a concert with my future mother-in-law and future aunt and we saw Muse and 30 seconds to Mars last night. Just being there was like my soul was in another place free of judgment. And that is what music is all about really free of being judged by people. When you listen to music you can breath for a while. I like to close my eyes and listent o it because then you can make your own music video in your head. Music also has a way to save people from something. By that I mean it doesn't talk down to you it sends you a message only you can understand in that moment and time. It has a way to up left you and make you feel like everything will be ok. And yes there are songs that have a message to them. But we have to listen to hear them and use them in our lives. Books have the same power but it's up to us to use that power to make things better. Sure it's not going to happen over night but at the end of the day we are healed until the next day. We have to use music in order to save ourselves. I'm not trying to be mean or rude and I'm sorry if it sounds like it. But, music is the greatest thing ever. So my readers here is a question for you. How has music changed your life around?

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