I love the smell of books on Mondays because I can leave the real world and not have to think about all the problems that are going on right now. I know this sounds silly but it's true. I like to smell them because it's like a drug for me. Now I know there are some people who like to read on the Nook or Kindle but I like to hold a book. I like to hear the pages turn and I like the feel of it. Every time I buy a new book I like to take a deep breath into and then I smile. I also like the smell of notebooks. I guess it's the smell of the paper that I like the most. I also like the stories in them. My favorites are the memiors. I can only imagine what that person was going through and how they felt at the time. I would love to write about my travels. And that's what I am doing but I stopped because I haven't gone any where recently. Plus there are a lot of things that have been left out because I can't remember them all. Plus it's not a good book. Maybe one day I will write a book that will get published. So my readers where do you stand on books? Do you read? If you do, do you like Kindle, Nook, or the real thing? Like me know.

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